Thursday, July 22, 2010

$80 Worth Of Chocolate!

yep thats right... $80 worth of delicious chocolate.
my besties 20th birthday is only 2 days away and me and Taylor (another friend) thought we would save the stripper for his 21st. so the plan was to get him as much chocolate as possible on our budget of $40 each. i have a massive basket which i have decorated and filled with what feels like at least 5kg of choc. make no mistake as overwhelming as it seems to me and im sure others my chocoholic bestie will LOVE IT!
i cant beleive this but at the moment and for the last day i have been harbouring these dangerously tasty and calorie filled goods i have had no desire to eat them. i was scared to make this present for him because of the possibilty for mass binging but everything is going good :)
i feel so strong and controlled!
anyways im off... stay strong love Acka xoxo

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