Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chewy Sushi

Just checking in. Not that anyone knows. I want some followers so bad. It would inspire me to write more and maybe even do more interesting things that i can write about.
Im so tired at the moment, it is 2am but lately i havnt been getting to sleep until 3. Note to self - fix body clock.

Anyways what did i get up to today...
well i made sushi - it turned out really chewy but i am happy to eat it because a little bit fills me up and the ones i made are all full of vegetable goodness. Then i downloaded music to refill my empty itunes coz my putie got reformatted the other week and all my stuff was gone. While this was happening i waited and waited for my grandma and her boyfriend to go to his house so i could watch tv. They didnt end up leaving until 2 hours ago. shortly after this guy i have been seeing lately came over, and i must say I AM SO OVER HIM! all he wants to do is touch me. this was his last chance and he blew it. i gave him so many options for possible avenues of conversation but nooo! he just wanted sex. well im sorry you aint getting it! i made him leave 15 minutes after he arrived.

Treatment has really been annoying me the last few days for many reasons. 1. my eyes are sore! and its pissing me off. 2. im soooo tired. 3. my body wont work properly, i cant do hardly anything without feeling out of breath and dizzy, to the point that yesterday i suspended my gym membership because i had been twice in the last month. now im going to get fat again after just losing 10kg. not only that but everyone is having fun and going out without me and im stuck at home on a saturday night feeling sorry for myself. 4. i cant work, which means lack of money and more importantly lack of experience. nobody will want to hire me next year because i have nothing on my resume. this is even more frustrating as my mind is in career and work mode at the moment and all i want to do is work, study and save money but i cant do that for at least 5 months.

Talking of money and career, my friends want me to commit to a trip to Bali next year. As much as i would love to go to Bali and have a great time with my friends it is not on my top priorities list at the moment. This trip started out as a weekend away down the coast, to a week in Queensland and now its 2 weeks in Bali. i can afford it if i save absolutely everything for the next 6 months but to be honest id rather spend my money on something else. i have to pay to a course next year so i can actually have a qualification in something, i need to save for when i move out next year and i want money in my account as financial security. i havnt told them i dont want to go yet and i already feel like a complete party pooper. ahh nuts!

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