Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

hi there everyone! and by everyone i mean my one follower... you made my day! thanx :)

so i just got back from my bestie's birthday shindig. it was fun but tiring. i put in so much effort to his present and his cuppy cakes and going out and dancing. i woke up in the worst mood and it showed. for some reason in the conversation i brought up a story about me dropping a baby rabbit when i was 8 and breaking its back. it was an accident! so for the rest of the day i was known as the evil rabbit killer. i know it was a joke but i got really pissed off.

then bestie wanted to go out for breakfast. we went to a cafe and ordered the same as everyone else even tho i wasnt hungry (well my mind wasnt hungry). the waitress comes out with a massive plate of toast, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and hashbrowns. i got through about half of it. i estimate i ate 800 cals but its ok coz i havnt gone over 1200 today.

i almost fell asleep on the train but the cutest little indian boy was talking really loudly to his family and his adorableness kept me awake.

i got home and had a nap for 2 hours before watching the masterchef grand finale. im going to miss that show soo much. actually considering entering next year if i get good enough.
anyways can think of much else to write. toodles, Acka xoxo

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