Thursday, July 15, 2010

Im A Sleepwalker!

Thats my new favourite new song... Adam Lambert - Sleepwalker. I just downloaded his album and this song started playing and i got tingles up my spine. This is one of the feelings i live for!
The lyrics remind me of my ex and i dont even feel bad.

Update so u know who i am talking about. i shall call him Dean because he looks like Jensen Ackles who plays Dean on Supernatural. Anyway i met Dean on valentines day last year and fell head over heals in love. And not just because he was sizzling hot. we dated for about 7 months but werent ever "official" because of the 12 year age difference. That is one of the main reasons it didnt end up working out. He was the perfect for me... we could talk so easily, the sex was great, he was the first man to take me out for dinner and tell me i was special. And most importantly he was fun and got on with my friends. I still talk to him now and then as a friend even though he has a girlfriend i am extremely jealous of. Even though i miss him i am learning to get over him and i am happy just to know him.

To be quite honest mentally today im feeling great. the only slightly annoying thing thats happening at the moment is that i am being swamped by guys asking me for dates. it would be good if they were guys i were into like that... but they are not. secretly i am loving the attention tho :P

Yay for sharing happiness.... Acka XoXo

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