Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Most Hated Of All Weather Conditions...

yes it is raining... outside is dark and gloomy and cold and wet. i so wanted to go for a walk coz i need to get out of the house. deary me. sooo the plan is...
I have the house to myself, the heater is on high and the music is on full blast! I am typing this between dancing songs.
California Gurls - Katy Perry, The Rythym Of The Night (go 90's dance!... actually adding more of this genre in : Mr Vain, Rythym is a Dancer and a whole lot of Darude) and Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz and For You Entertainment - Adam Lambert are tops on my playlist today.

Oooohhh MasterChef is on telly tonight :) how i love to watch the making of good food. if only it wasnt so tasty and fattening. and on the subject of fattening... im scared. the scale says ive lost a kilo but my face looks chubbier than normal. i really hope im not losing muscle :(

Anyways in off to dance some more! toodles loves xoxo

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