Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh Hi There :)

Good morning blogspot. Nice to meet you.
Ok so the name is.... well you can know me as Acka. Im a 19 year old girl living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
I have decided to begin this blog to express all aspects of my life especially the parts not well known. This seems a good time to start a blog as i have heaps of time on my hands due to medical tratment which renders me unable to live life to the full. I spend most of my time at home feeling sick and thinking up ways to make the next 6 months go faster until i am better. So this seemed like a fun option.
So how did i get to where i am today? I like to blame it on myself and the way i am. I have a tendancy to want to learn the hard way... my way. And to be quite honest it works well. I like to think i have knowledge different to others that havnt gone down the paths i have. Or at least a better understanding of that knowledge.
To answer why i am on this medical treatment... well its mainly my fault. I was the one who held out my arm as my ex boyfriend injected my vein with hepatitis mixed with sweet heroin. Although i could argue that many things (depression, parent troubles, bulimia) lead to a need to escape into drugs it was ultimately my choice. In the end i dont regret anything because everything i have been through has made me a better person.
Anyways i am quite tired and bed is calling. I will write soon.
Acka XoXo

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