Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pics :)

so... i was just killing time on PT when i got absorbed in finding pics so i could make a comment in this thread. its basically 5 pics about yourself. i likes it coz it was colourful and creative. anyways i spent ages choosing pics and debating whether they were really true to being me. i spent so long that i thought i should put it up here too. so enjoy :)

Kitties! im a cat person... i loves my kitties :)
So adorable!

Will and Grace! best comedy on TV ever.
i laugh at every single episode and i can relate in some way to all the characters.
Men in suits... the hottest thing to happen to fashion and business. FUCK YEHH!!! they turn me on!
Ahh astrology... do i believe in you dont i belive in you? i dont know? but i like your mysterious ways.
i do however believe that my natal chart can tell those who know how to read it a lot about me.
And... Cherries.
one food
i absolutely adore. The colour, the texture, the flavour, its all good.
i want at least one of these trees in my backyard when i get my own place.... ahhh dreams...

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  1. I love cats too! I'm definetly a cat lady in the making. I have three right now.. Ohhh I love Will & Grace!! I could watch it allll day :)Annd, I love cherrries too! And I don't really know much about astrology :( I should have a look though..