Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Back Up On That Horse

That horse being the continuation of the 28 day plan. and today went well :) im drawing info from new sources. today i signed up to calorie king which is a good way to keep track of my progress and find the calorie content of certain things that i dont know of yet. eg: the salad wrap of yesterday turned out to be 550 cals! FML! also just a few minute ago i came across this 200 sit ups program on Sarah's blog "how can young hearts feel so much pain?" it basically builds up you fitness week by week and at the end you will be able to do 200 sit ups. so im getting on that bandwagon too. i think thje two plans will work together well, so that im fitter and thinner, and actually im actually finding it fun. well alot funner than hating myself and binging and purging constantly. the order of it is good for me. if i think about it, its actually quite healthy considering im keeping the cals between 800 and 1200. Just have to make sure i keep it like that.
anyways on to todays results:

food - 2

water - 2 (actually it seems like i could be possibly drinking too much water

exercise - 2

posting - 2

daily challenge - taking up the 200 sit up plan because it is something i would usually put off.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Noes!


Friends are fun but sooo bad for my diet. So yesterday i was apprehensive about seeing my friends because when we catch up there is always some kind of intense eating. it was no different. luckily i had prepared and skipped lunch so i had about 900 cals to spare. when i get to my besties house they have the kitchen bench covered in junk food. Yogo, butter popcorn, 2 blocks of choc, skittles and 2 boxes of shapes just some of the massive binge they had planned for the night. i literally said "oh, so we are having junk for dinner." they seriously replied "no we are going out for dinner, this is for after."

i got chicken and vegies for dinner which for what i ate of it i estimate would be about 400 cals. but when we got back i gave in to temptation, i ate pretty much half a block of chocolate and a yogo. so as a result here is my points for yesterday:

food - 0

water - 2

exercise - 1

posting - 0

daily challenge - 2 - basically i win on this coz it was sunday and there is no challenge :)

but dont think it ends there my children... oh no!

i stayed at my friends last night so this morning i managed to sleep in long enought to skip breakfast, i had a lamb and salad wrap for lunch aaannnd then i got sugar/ carb cravings baaad. so a medium thickshake from maccas was on the menu. after the long train ride home i was so tired i could barely stand up... i have no idea why seeing it was 5pm. so i went to sleep. woke up at 7pm to more carb cravings... hello french toast :( i have no idea how many cals i ate but i can safely guess it was more than 1200 (my limit). although while i was eating the french toast i was planning to purge when i got to the toilet i stopped myself... still unsure to whether it was a good or bad descision. i guess kinda good considering my gran came home like 10 mins later and could have caught me. anyways so here we have today, day 5, results:

food - 0

water - 1

exercise - 0

posting - 2

daily challenge - 0

p.s. just then i had to restart my computer coz it totally froze on me. grr.
anyways tomorrow i have a date with the gym and a cal limit of 1000 as compensation for todays fiasco. hope everyone else is feeling a lot better than me. xoxo

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Summer Above and Beyond Any Other!

I am so excited for summer! not just for the hot weather, the beach and the time with friends but... Above and Beyond are coming out again! I am so going to Future Music Festival again next year if they are going to be there. The best trance music ive heard out of the last few years. plus they are bring out a new album at then end of this year/ start of next :) *happy dances*

i am so pumped! ive already got tickets for Stereosonic, im saving for Summerdayz, then after that ill save for Future! and and and ill be off treatment by new years!!! so i gets more energy and funness for summertime :)

ok so after my excitable outburst i also have the results for day 3

food - 2

water - 2

exercise - 2

posting - 2

daily challenge - 2 - i should get a million points for all the cleaning i did today! vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my room, threw out old chest of draws which involved transferring my clothes to the new one, threw out old clothes, changed my sheets and sorted out washing.

needles to say i feel pretty god damn good!!! :) xoxoxo

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 2 and a Rant About Tablets

ok ill start with the good stuff... full points :)

food - 2
water -2
exercise - 2
posting - 2
daily challenge - 2 - i went on youtube and looked up some funny videos then sent them to my friends on facebook for some lols. i cracked myself up doing it too.

now rant! - ok so today i had run out of my antidepressants. so i search for my perscription only to find a really old one that is for the tablets not the capsules. the tablets however i take them taste like shit! well not shit but this wierd powdery pepperminty taste in the back of my throat. having being to chemists with this trouble before and asking for capsules instead only to be denied (apparently they cant go against the script beven tho they have the same goddamn ingredients) i crossed out tablets and wrote caps in the same colour pen as my doctor. i walked to the same chemist as i usually go to (where for the last 6 months at least i have been getting capsules) and put in the script. the two ladies there start whispering and laughing in the backroom while im waiting and of course i think they are laughing about me. when i go up to pay the lady says "here are you tablets" making sure she elongates the word. me feeling shy and upset doesnt say anything and pays and leaves. i get outside feeling angry and right then it starts pouring with rain. so i run home in the rain getting soaked. grr! it all seems very trivial now as i write it but it pissed me off majorly. oh yeh and i have to now wait until monday week before i can get a new script from my doctor.
Anyways im tired now... had my injection yesterday and it seems this weeks effect is fatigue coz its always something different, last week was hungry well not really hungry just a desire to eat everything, the week before was insomnia... lets see what fun the stabby fairy brings next week...
stay strong everyone. Acka xo

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Day 1.

Food - 1 point

Water - 2 points

Exercise - 2 points

Posting - 2 points

Daily Challenge - 2 points - Took my Uncle's dog on a walk via a new route. My jeans are now muddy and my shoes wet but Rocky had fun. And i also looked up some thinspo which i hardly ever do. So... bon appetite :P

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

28 Days

In light of yesterdays post and the realisation of my loss of control i have decided to start a 28 day plan. i found this on another blog i was looking at and thought it sounded good.
Because i am trying to eat reasonably well while losing weight (so it is more likely to stay off) i will make my food intake 800 - 1200 cals. i will post my results up here at the end of each day. i know i dont have many followers but if someone happens to spy this post and wants to join in, you are welcome, just send a comment.
Anyways ill be back later tonight with my day 1 update :)

Im Baaaack....

So im back.
although i got home last week ive been going thru a rough time as i forgot to take my antidepressents for a week or so therefore i have not felt like blogging or doing anything really.
actually theres one thing ive been doing way to much of and that is eating. well especially for the drop in exercise. i went to the gym once last week :(
its hard to write about this because someone may see it and think im lazy like i think i am at the moment. and i dont want to be seen like that. but i told myself i will be honest in my blog and im sticking to it.
in order to fix this the only option is to get back to being active and in control. so thats what is happening starting now!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Time

living with the family for 2 weeks... well ive survived one week so only one to go. it is pretty much hell trying to restrict or b/p here so weight loss over the next week i suspect wont be much... i shouldnt gain though. and if i do i shall be quite angry. also because the computer is in the main room where everyone can see typing up this blog and visiting sites like PT is a rare occurance... at this point i must express my sorrow to find the forum closed for maintainence when its the first time ive logged on in over a week. my luck i guess. at the moment i am also looking up places to volunteer in my area. there is a job sorting out donations that i might take up when i go back to Doris' house (grandma's house) which is my usually permanent, except for when she goes on holidays, place of residence. so when she is done eloping off to queensland with her new boyfriend i can go back to my 'normal' way of living :) i love my grandma. bless her cotton socks.
until then i most likely wont write again. so hooroo. xoxo