Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 2 and a Rant About Tablets

ok ill start with the good stuff... full points :)

food - 2
water -2
exercise - 2
posting - 2
daily challenge - 2 - i went on youtube and looked up some funny videos then sent them to my friends on facebook for some lols. i cracked myself up doing it too.

now rant! - ok so today i had run out of my antidepressants. so i search for my perscription only to find a really old one that is for the tablets not the capsules. the tablets however i take them taste like shit! well not shit but this wierd powdery pepperminty taste in the back of my throat. having being to chemists with this trouble before and asking for capsules instead only to be denied (apparently they cant go against the script beven tho they have the same goddamn ingredients) i crossed out tablets and wrote caps in the same colour pen as my doctor. i walked to the same chemist as i usually go to (where for the last 6 months at least i have been getting capsules) and put in the script. the two ladies there start whispering and laughing in the backroom while im waiting and of course i think they are laughing about me. when i go up to pay the lady says "here are you tablets" making sure she elongates the word. me feeling shy and upset doesnt say anything and pays and leaves. i get outside feeling angry and right then it starts pouring with rain. so i run home in the rain getting soaked. grr! it all seems very trivial now as i write it but it pissed me off majorly. oh yeh and i have to now wait until monday week before i can get a new script from my doctor.
Anyways im tired now... had my injection yesterday and it seems this weeks effect is fatigue coz its always something different, last week was hungry well not really hungry just a desire to eat everything, the week before was insomnia... lets see what fun the stabby fairy brings next week...
stay strong everyone. Acka xo

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