Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Time

living with the family for 2 weeks... well ive survived one week so only one to go. it is pretty much hell trying to restrict or b/p here so weight loss over the next week i suspect wont be much... i shouldnt gain though. and if i do i shall be quite angry. also because the computer is in the main room where everyone can see typing up this blog and visiting sites like PT is a rare occurance... at this point i must express my sorrow to find the forum closed for maintainence when its the first time ive logged on in over a week. my luck i guess. at the moment i am also looking up places to volunteer in my area. there is a job sorting out donations that i might take up when i go back to Doris' house (grandma's house) which is my usually permanent, except for when she goes on holidays, place of residence. so when she is done eloping off to queensland with her new boyfriend i can go back to my 'normal' way of living :) i love my grandma. bless her cotton socks.
until then i most likely wont write again. so hooroo. xoxo

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