Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Back Up On That Horse

That horse being the continuation of the 28 day plan. and today went well :) im drawing info from new sources. today i signed up to calorie king which is a good way to keep track of my progress and find the calorie content of certain things that i dont know of yet. eg: the salad wrap of yesterday turned out to be 550 cals! FML! also just a few minute ago i came across this 200 sit ups program on Sarah's blog "how can young hearts feel so much pain?" it basically builds up you fitness week by week and at the end you will be able to do 200 sit ups. so im getting on that bandwagon too. i think thje two plans will work together well, so that im fitter and thinner, and actually im actually finding it fun. well alot funner than hating myself and binging and purging constantly. the order of it is good for me. if i think about it, its actually quite healthy considering im keeping the cals between 800 and 1200. Just have to make sure i keep it like that.
anyways on to todays results:

food - 2

water - 2 (actually it seems like i could be possibly drinking too much water

exercise - 2

posting - 2

daily challenge - taking up the 200 sit up plan because it is something i would usually put off.

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  1. I'd like to remind you that I think you're lovely!! <3