Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Noes!


Friends are fun but sooo bad for my diet. So yesterday i was apprehensive about seeing my friends because when we catch up there is always some kind of intense eating. it was no different. luckily i had prepared and skipped lunch so i had about 900 cals to spare. when i get to my besties house they have the kitchen bench covered in junk food. Yogo, butter popcorn, 2 blocks of choc, skittles and 2 boxes of shapes just some of the massive binge they had planned for the night. i literally said "oh, so we are having junk for dinner." they seriously replied "no we are going out for dinner, this is for after."

i got chicken and vegies for dinner which for what i ate of it i estimate would be about 400 cals. but when we got back i gave in to temptation, i ate pretty much half a block of chocolate and a yogo. so as a result here is my points for yesterday:

food - 0

water - 2

exercise - 1

posting - 0

daily challenge - 2 - basically i win on this coz it was sunday and there is no challenge :)

but dont think it ends there my children... oh no!

i stayed at my friends last night so this morning i managed to sleep in long enought to skip breakfast, i had a lamb and salad wrap for lunch aaannnd then i got sugar/ carb cravings baaad. so a medium thickshake from maccas was on the menu. after the long train ride home i was so tired i could barely stand up... i have no idea why seeing it was 5pm. so i went to sleep. woke up at 7pm to more carb cravings... hello french toast :( i have no idea how many cals i ate but i can safely guess it was more than 1200 (my limit). although while i was eating the french toast i was planning to purge when i got to the toilet i stopped myself... still unsure to whether it was a good or bad descision. i guess kinda good considering my gran came home like 10 mins later and could have caught me. anyways so here we have today, day 5, results:

food - 0

water - 1

exercise - 0

posting - 2

daily challenge - 0

p.s. just then i had to restart my computer coz it totally froze on me. grr.
anyways tomorrow i have a date with the gym and a cal limit of 1000 as compensation for todays fiasco. hope everyone else is feeling a lot better than me. xoxo


  1. Haha, I know how you feel. :) <3

  2. hey just started following ur blog, im from melb eastern suburbs too :)check out my blog if you want.stay strong xo