Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Summer Above and Beyond Any Other!

I am so excited for summer! not just for the hot weather, the beach and the time with friends but... Above and Beyond are coming out again! I am so going to Future Music Festival again next year if they are going to be there. The best trance music ive heard out of the last few years. plus they are bring out a new album at then end of this year/ start of next :) *happy dances*

i am so pumped! ive already got tickets for Stereosonic, im saving for Summerdayz, then after that ill save for Future! and and and ill be off treatment by new years!!! so i gets more energy and funness for summertime :)

ok so after my excitable outburst i also have the results for day 3

food - 2

water - 2

exercise - 2

posting - 2

daily challenge - 2 - i should get a million points for all the cleaning i did today! vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my room, threw out old chest of draws which involved transferring my clothes to the new one, threw out old clothes, changed my sheets and sorted out washing.

needles to say i feel pretty god damn good!!! :) xoxoxo

1 comment:

  1. Yayy! You did so well! I love it!
    And yeah, I'm so looking forward to summer. It's SO freezing outside right now. I live in Melbourne as well. :) It was raining before!