Saturday, September 4, 2010

Animal Sacrifice!?! WTF!!!

Yes boys and girls i am serious! this post is not for the faint hearted. let me explain...
So i love watching documentarys and last night i tuned in to SBS for the program about religious rituals. Well lucky me i get to watch the one that visits a voodoo church. Everything is all happy and fine at first, there are just people dancing and praying. but then they bring in a baby cow all tied up, and suddenly as the reporter looks around people pull out knives. Now some of you may think thats ok a lot of people eat beef and cows die for us all the time, but it doesnt end there... other people in the church then procede to bring out other animals. after the cow there were birds and then a goat. AND THEN... they brought out a puppy and a kitten. i didnt want to watch but i couldnt look away. Also you may think that they wouldnt show the gruesome details on tv... not true. the only thing they didnt show was when they slit the throats of the animals. yet they do show these disgusting people holding up the dead bodies so their blood can drain out.
It was seriously the FOULEST most DISGUSTING thing i have ever seen. Are those people insane. i mean hey i know its a religion, but dont they realise they are killing innocent animals? i just dont know what else to say. rant end.

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