Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby's First Fast

Well first liquid fast in at least 3 years. I only did one day coz im less likely to fail and i can build myself up to more. Anyway it went suprisingly well. I started 6pm last night and finished 7pm tonight. I had a coffee for breakfast and went to the gym. Worked out as much as i could and then caught a bus and walked home hauling my shopping of skinny milk and orange juice. While walking my chest started to feel tight. so when i got home i had 2 glasses of orange juice. And that was my intake for the time of fasting. im actually quite proud.
I ate some homemade sushi at 7pm and im going to try not to eat any solid food until that time tomorrow and maybe even longer than that. I dont want to go at it to hard tho and end up binging so we will see. I am actually hungrier now than i was throughout today. Probs going to go to bed soon and try to sleep thru it. So goodnight. Xo

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