Friday, September 3, 2010

*Bangs Head Against A Brick Wall*

FAIL i just binged and purged for the first time in over 2 months. my grandma commented that i should be eating more and what do i do? lose control and eat MMMOOOOOOORRREEEEE!!!! everything is fine until someone notices.
now im sitting here feeling like shit with and sore throat, a headache and i just took advil on a now empty stomach so hello ulcer. FUCK! so heres my score for today:
food - 0
water - 2
exercise - 1
posting - 2
challenge - 2 - i went and saw a movie i had been wanting to see for ages.
Inception, although good was a tad confusing and im still not sure if he was dreaming or awake in the end.
on other news... the guy i occaisionally have fun with asked a girl out. ok so i dont even like him as more than a friend (or a friend with benefits) but now i will be alone again. no more fun times in the bedroom for me. i need to find a guy i actually really like... its just really hard... see most of the ones i meet are nice... but nice isnt enough.... i need chemistry... attraction... lust... love.
hope everyone else is doing better than me. xoxoxo


  1. Sorry to hear about the binge/purge :(.
    And I tots understand binging after people comment on what you eat and all that shit. Happens to me a lot :/.
    Stay safe.

  2. hey thanks so much for the comment, cheered me up a bunch =)and i guess you're right..

    stink about the grandma situation, just keep making excuses, say you ate heaps before you came or you were at a mates house and stuffed your face :)

  3. It's so hard when you're around other people, I live by myself so no one's around to ask me if I'm eating or comment on my lack of, but when I do go to my parents, which is maybe once every 2 weeks I get " eat something, why arent you eating". They dont let up even after I tell them I ate before I got there, drives me fucking crazyyy. Congrats on the two months without bingeing though thats fuckin awesome I dont think I can go two weeks lol