Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Im in a wierd mood. Im unusually calm just sitting here listening music and singing along occaisionally. Ive been downloading "nice" music. Songs about love and hope and such. Eg: "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" Elton John, "When You Believe" from The Prince of Egypt soundtrack, "On Fire" Switchfoot. Im also listening to sad but pretty songs like: "Angel" Sarah McLachlan, "Iris" Goo Goo Dolls, "The Scientist" Coldplay.
I wish i had a lover to cuddle. I wish he was just sitting on the couch watching TV waiting for us to go to bed and spoon. I wish while listening to these songs i was thinking up ways to make him smile. I wish i could meet someone who i could devote myself to and forget about everything else.
It probably sounds like im sad and lonely but its really not like that at all. Im happy to wait until the right one comes along, until that happens i can dream. I feel warm and fuzzy inside. I think content is the word :)
I send everyone out there my love and contentment and hope you feel like i do now. Thankyou to everyone who comments for the support that gets me through the tough times. XoXo


  1. Awwh you'll find it beautiful girl!! lovee youu

  2. i love ALL those songs! when you believe is such a nice one. it definitely would be nice to have someone...just have to know that the right one will come! xx

  3. Awww yay. Today is such a good day! And you have AMAZING taste in music because your list rocked! I'm glad your in such a serene state! love love love! you'll get your man ;)
    Quote from one of my favorite bands of all times The Wallflowers "God Don't make lonely girls" :)

  4. :D.
    Awh yeah, Elton John has such a soothing voice, aha.
    And cute pictures there ;).
    Stay safe!

  5. Awww, we love you!! Lots and lots and lots. :)

  6. Just started following your blog, and love it!!

    Elton John is the best. I have a bunch of "nice" playlists as well. People make fun of me for having Phil Collins (<3) and Marilyn Manson in the same playlist, but whatevs!! :D