Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Could Use Some Zzzzz's

To start with im going to tell you that i am absolutely wrecked. its 9pm and i want to go to sleep. please take into consideration that i woke up at 11am and my usual bedtime for the last 4 months has been 12 - 2am.
Anyways today i awoke to a house full of oldies. my grandma had her sister, her boyfriend and her sister's husband over. They had planned a family lunch. Luckily it was only soup and not a roast or anything else.
After lunch i escaped and caught a bus up to the gym. turns out my personal trainer has left so i have to start with a new one next week. Its quite annoying since my old trainer knew all about my illness and treatment and knew what i was capable of and the right ways to push me and now ill have to go over everything with a new guy. altho on a good note i had a great workout by myself.
to continue my exercise i walked from the gym to my parents house (its actually not terribly far) and there i cooked them dinner, which completes my daily challenge of doing something for others. so onto the results:
food - 2
water - 2
exercise - 2
posting - 2
challenge - 2

im pretty sure i was going to write something else but now i cant remember what it was... i'll make a new post if it comes back. stay strong xoxo

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