Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 10 Results

today was actually quite hard, but i did it. i had a 157cal breakfast of oats and apple which filled me up well. i dont know whats wrong with me, it might be the treatment, i might be getting sick, or 157 cal isnt enough to keep my stupid fat body up until 12:30. anyhoo i started to get dizzy and weak and literally had to go into my room to lay down so i wouldnt pass out in front of my grandma and her visitors.
when we had lunch even though i did think i needed food i couldnt eat it. i just picked at it. later i decided to make a banana smoothie and i sipped on that. half an hour later i felt like i was going to throw up (not self induced). its playing on my mind because i dont mind the hungry feeling, its the omg i can hardly stand up, i have no energy feeling i dont like. and please correct me if im wrong but that amount of cals i had and the fact i still have plenty of fat storage (not exagerating i am actually 74kg) to provide my body with energy means i shouldnt be feeling like that.

food - 2
water - 2
exercise - 2
posting - 2
challenge - 2 - this is the easiest day because u dont have to think of anything you just make it your cleaning day. needless to say the house is spick and span.

anyway im majorly tired so im off to bed. goodnight my beautiful followers. xoxo

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