Saturday, September 11, 2010

Depressed :(

Im so ridiculously bored. I need something that i have to do. Like a job. But im on this stupid treatment and working would just drain me too much at the moment. I could possibly work one or two days a week but who would hire me for just that? and i wouldnt be earning enough compared to what i get from centrelink for being sick. bleh.
This past week i have been feeling really crap. it might be coz i have my period. All i want to do is eat and sleep. I find myself having to think when my friends ask me out if i actually want to go. To be honest im only typing this because i am making myself do something. and thats sad because i usually love blogging and cant wait to tell people about my day. hopefully this will pass.
im under my cal limit so far today but its only 7pm and ive been fighting off the urge to binge all day.
hope everyone else is feeling better than me. xo


  1. I know how you're feeling- the depression. My psychiatrist wants me in the hospital NOW because of it... and anxiety... and my eating disorder. It's a sucky life for me too, so don't feel so alone :-\
    I hope you start to feel better. I know how you feel about the job thing too. I wish I had the strength to cope wth a job but I don't...

  2. *Hugs*
    I understand how you're feeling.
    I hope you feel at least a tad better soon!