Sunday, September 5, 2010

Doesnt It Just Make You Feel FAT When...

You fall through the stairs?
This actually happened to me today. Ok so the wood was rotting but i cant help wondering if i was lighter if it would have stayed up.
Anyway i was getting the dog so i could walk her up to the gym with me and next thing i know im in between 2 steps because the one inbetween had collapsed. My parents really need to either fix or get a new house. I thought i had broken my leg for a second then i realised that i am just gonna have a massive bruise tomorrow.
I went to gym even though my leg was and still is sore but i had to burn off stupid father's day lunch. speaking of fathers day... i love my daddy :) he came and picked me up from the gym coz it was raining and i had missed the bus.
In other matters... I want to say HELLOOO to my new followers and thankyou to Bella spreading the word of my blog and actually thinking it was good :)


  1. Wow you actually went to the gym after that? That's willpower, you're an inspiration ! xo

  2. Oh and try sitting on a chair and the legs collasping, that happened to me when I was at my lowest weight. My nan kept insisting the chair needed to be replaced and it was only a matter of time, but holy fuckk you know you're a cow when lol