Monday, September 13, 2010

Gym Time Fun

Almost died at the gym today. I knew i was feeling sick before i went because i nearly fainted while i was helping dad lay floor boards. But i had to go because it was the first day with the new trainer and i hadnt given enough notice to postpone the session. So the new trainer wasnt as hot as the old one but i had the best workout ever. I found out that i love boxing and at the end of it i threw up (involunarily), luckily not in the gym but in a bush on the way home. Only water came out, but you know you have worked out well when that happens. only one more day until Gran leaves and then i can start my new diet :) im so pumped. And get this, my parents are going to Darwin with my brother in about a month so im going to head up to there house to stay while they are away and have another restricting spree/fast. Anyway i'll post my diet plan tomorrow. Much love. XoXo


  1. Haha, I love this. You definitely worked out well! Looking forward to seeing your plan. <3

  2. Wow you know you're really pushing your body when that happens ! It's never happened to me, I was jogging once with my brother and felt like I was going to have a heart attack haha but that was it. Can't wait to see your diet plan : ) Lots of love xo <3

  3. wow great work out hun! i cant wait to see your diet plan. i hope tomorrow is as good as today.

    lots of love S xoxo