Friday, September 17, 2010

Hungry Hungry Hippo!

Im so fucking hungry. But ive gone beyond the point of hungry to the point of "omg my body feels weak. and i know i should eat. but i really dont feel like it. and i think that everything i put in my mouth will taste like yukkiness."
I have to journey to the city soon to meet my bestie (where im also pretty sure that dinner will occur) and go out dancing. I dont want to be a loser by being totally out of it with hunger when i see my friend but i dont want to eat... dilemma! Probs will end up eating something small before i go and either have a small dinner or end up totally binging at dinner. its usually the way these things go. I Must Not Binge!!!! AHHHH!!! Must not ruin the goodness of fasting!!!
i think im going slightly insane.
Anyhoo much love. Xo


  1. Just eat something small like a cucumber (only 30 cals) or a carrot or something to give you something to run on till you get to dinner. :) if you really feel like you need it anyway, or you could just have a coffee, tea or a diet soda so you get all energized.

  2. Try drinking some orange juice :)

  3. you should have a boiled egg its only 50 cal and can really give you energy!

    thanks for the comment i' totally using your diet idea!

    lots of love S xoxo