Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Keep Dancing On My Own

Thats right my lovelies its time to DANCE!!! im in right mood to burn some cals simply by having fun and acting like a fool. Listning to Robyn "Dancing On My Own." Its what is getting me up and moving, and maybe singing badly too :P
Lets see what else is on my "Bust a Move" playlist today... Scooter "Fire," "Maria, I Like It Loud," and "The Logical Song." Lotsa Katy Perry. Fort Minor "Remember the Name" (for when i feel like dancing like a gangsta). Darude vs Robert Mills "Children of the Sandstorm" and Basshunter "Bass Creator."
So basically silly songs with good beats. Anyways i also adding in some squats, sit ups, push ups and skipping into the mix. Hello workout :)
As you can probably tell im in an overly good mood and probably sound like a lady in an 80's aerobics video. its the music that does it. so if anyone is feeling down i suggest a good dose of dance. Woop Woop!
Lotsa Love. Xo


  1. Haha, this is so cute. You sound so happy. I love it! <3

  2. what an awesome workout regime!! have fun xx

  3. You're so cutee : ) haha
    I'm going to get out some of those songs for next time I feel like busting a movee lol