Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mylanta My Love

im addicted! i looked up what makes stomach ulcers feel better and it said get an antacid. which is like mylanta or tums. so they have been the main part of my diet for the last few days. they taste really good too which now is leading me to believe they are prob high cal. i have to have them tho coz the pain is horrible. its like hunger but 10x worse. ive worked out that if i take them and still feel pain it means im actually hungry.

in other news, the other night i felt the need to let out my inner gay man. so thats what i did. i went to see my bestie, who happens to be gay, and we went out clubbing. we usually go to a place called 'the market' but its not been very good lately so we shecked out this new place called 'disgraceland.' it was really good. we met lots of people and danced like fools. my bestie being the hot stuff he is had all the guys there chasing him. only bad thing is that i have a stamp on my arm that says"disgrace" that wont come off. ive had 2 showers and scrubbed till it hurt! anyway the next day i went home and watched my guilty pleasure of the moment "queer as folk." while doing this i thought to myself if i woke up tomorrow with a penis i wouldnt be sad. (well if i woke up as a man coz if i was a girl with a penis id probs kill myself.)

as for food ive decided to keep with the under 1000 cal thing for a while because it should still allow me to lose weight while preventing bingeing, which is most important to me at the moment. No Bingeing!!! and i have already started doing more and pushing myself harder at the gym so ill just work off all the fat. the goal is to lose at least 5kgs by november. i can do it :)
ps. i took this the other day just for kicks. mmm breakfast >>>>


  1. wow that's a lot of pills! glad u'r feelin better x

  2. godi take some many anitacid its crazy
    i have bad acid reflux but if i dont have soda dairy or acidic stuff im all good but if also gets bad if i eat to much in one sitting so yeah it helps me not to binge
    but they do take yummy
    damn u got some pills this what is all of that ive identifed some but not all
    hope ur stomach is feeling better

  3. I'm a Tums addict. They make ones called "smoothies" and there's a chocolate and vanilla creme flavoured one. SOOOO GOOD!!!

  4. i love the taste of mylanta! im addicted to the vitamin d chocolate chews!

  5. good keep taking them i hope the pain goes away. and the taste probably is fake shit but i'm betting it has 0 cals.