Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Overgrown Toddler?

Today Grandma had real estate agents over to value the house because she wants to sell soon. The first one that came over was a hottie! i dont care if he was 34 and had a kid. lol now i think about it he was a F.I.L.F. just thought you should know :P

Anyway i was busy cleaning all morning to make the house presentable (i thought it was fine in the first place). then in the arvo i mowed the lawn which really gets your heart rate up. oh yeh also today we were going through old photos because im going to make a scrapbook. i was a super cute baby. anyway while do this i had a realisation about my body. i am an overgrown toddler. you know how they are pudgy and cute. well like that but bigger. i look like me at 4 or 5 only bigger. Sure im still cute but i can never get rid of that pudginess :(

oh i might as well give u a photo to prove it. >>>>
that is me approx 2 months ago.
see no lies! i betcha cant guess my age.
anyway on to other things like the results for day 14.
food - 1
exercise - 2
water - 2
posting - 2
challenge - 2
ooooh i almost forgot! home alone for a week starting next wednesday. Grandma is going on holiday. So im thinking it may be time for a fast. i havnt dont one for ages... i mean years!
im excited. I think ill try to do the whole period she is away. although i am having a friends over for a few days so that might make it harder. i will at least be able to get 3 days (non consecutive most probably). If not i am definately restricting a hell of a lot more. might work out a special diet for that week. ooh so many options. my mind is racing.
anyway im off to bed coz i have a big day tomorrow. stay strong and love stronger. xoxo


  1. Whatt how old are youu? lol
    I think you look super cutee with dark hair and a lot older. I'm totally going to fast when you do !! Pumpedd : ) You stay strongg hun xx much lovee

  2. There are some tips and tricks you can learn to counterbalance it. Like for instance, darken your hair, and grow it out. Bangs tend to make the face chubbier than hair on either side of your face. You're a cutie, hun. Lots of love your way. <3

  3. Uuuummm, maybe 15?? I don't know! You're sooo cute though!! I just want to hug you :P Good luck with the fasssttt!!! Love love!

  4. im almost 20! no wonder i always get asked for ID.