Monday, September 27, 2010

A Summer Girl

Woop just got a free training sesh coz my normal trainer didnt show up. the one i had today was an older guy with a scottish accent. he was cool and talked heaps. So far my net cals for today are in the negatives but im hungry and a homemade lentil burger with salad is calling my name. ive worked out if i eat it my cals will come to +331 so im sitting here debating to myself. i will end up eating it just have to see how long i can put it off.
In other news i am totally stressed out! last night i had an epiphany. i realised that the course that i have applied to do isnt right for me and i want to do psychology. ive already done all the forms and paid the application for my massage course and my friend is also doing the same course. to do psychology i will most likely have to do a counselling course then transfer, and it will take twice as long to complete. but its what im passionate about. what do i do? ahh!
Also while walking to the bus for gym i was thinking about summer. and i decided that although i love the book i am not a "Winter Girl." you see i think summer embraces weightloss better for me. it is the time of salads and swimming compared to big warm winter meals and laying by the fire. now i get cold really easily as im sure a lot of you do too so i would rather be playing beach volleyball in the sun burning off some cals than huddled under 5 jumpers. bring on the summer in the southern hemisphere (you kids up north have already had it too long)
Anyhoo im sending some love out to all my lovelies. stay strong. xoxo


  1. ha can summer stay id rather b warm then even more cold then i alreayd am in the winter ugh
    but yay for a free training session thats great
    if u really wanna do it theni say go for it
    if ur not sure then do the massage course and then decide

  2. woot woot free session!
    I used to think i was a summer girl for the longest time but now i know im a wintergirl.. i love the winter so much.
    good job with the cals sweetie

  3. homemade lentil burger? feisty. i'm sick of summer. we had 90*&above weather for about 6 months. just not getting cooler. i prefer winter, when i look normal all wrapped up in layers. if i wear a hoodie in the summer my motives are questioned. &winter is great for low-cal soups. stay strong, darling.


  4. You enjoy your summer - I'm totally pumped for winter!! I do get a lot colder than I used to before I lost weight, but I still LOVE the cold and winter. There's just something so cozy and comfortable about winter. :)

    Nice about the free training session. Was he cute?? I do enjoy Scottish accents...

    It's tough to decide what courses to do. I'm doing psychology now, but I have to go back for more undergrad courses before I can go for a masters degree. I majored in writing/literature the first time around in college. Do what you're passionate about! You can always change your mind later on if you decide it's not what you want to do.


  5. thanx for the comments lovelies... i think im gonna go with the psych course.
    zette - your right about the soups. they fill you up so good.
    mich - yeh he was cute but he looked like 50 so maybe a tad old for me :P

  6. ahh im so excited for summer to roll around, australian summers are the best.
    Although you can lose weight faster in winter because of the cold your generally not very motivated to actually do anything and your more likely to stay at home and eat something hot and fatty.
    Summer and salads ftw.

  7. Ahh, I hope that you can change your course! I do psych, and it's so brilliant!