Monday, October 18, 2010


Amy- I have had my eating disorder for as long as i have known. I have been bulimic since i was 12 but had binge eating tendancies since 7. I think my family greatly contributed to my ED in many ways. Some of them being... parents eating habits, family conflict, being told i was fat from a young age. But in their defence i am a naturally sensitive and perfectionistic person. Also very self destructive. So i think in the end its myself who contributes to this the most.
Anything written on this blog is truth. If there is information i dont think belongs here i will just not write it. I will tell people i live east of melbourne, but not the exact suburb.

Mona- My fave colour is green. I love australia. In my opinion it is probably one of the best places to live at this time.

Bella- Welcome to you and welcome to your craziness. As far as i know no one in my "real" life knows about this blog. If they do they havnt said anything.

Kristina- Hell no! I love australia. I cant stand the cold weather. Summer in Aus is coming and im going to live it up!

Sarah- I am a night person. Everything seems different at night and its beautiful.