Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

For all my girlies who comment and support me :) Love Love.

You are right, i screwed up but i can do better. Todays diet consist of... Tea, Coffee, Low cal jelly and Apples. I will lose those 5kg before my birthday!

Oh and here is a message for Perfect Lie: there is something wrong with your layout that is why people dont comment. ive tried to comment but it wont work. change the layout and the comments will flood back in.

In light of other bloggers doings... Ask me a question, anything you want, it can be clean it can be dirty, whatever. I will answer it honestly. Xo


  1. woo for questions! all-righty this is one i'm always curious about but i'm not sure if you've answered it already.
    what outside factors contributed to your obsession with weight/losing weight? (eg family, friends etc)
    are all the details you give out on blogger (name, city, names of friends, things you do) the truth or do you change some stuff for paranoia?

  2. What...


    Ok I couldn't stop myself. I'm a total Monty Python fag. Sue me.
    Oh! And do you like living in Australia? :)

  3. Australiaaaaaaaaaaa! Hello, new follower, :) I'm in NSW.
    Um, am I allowed to ask a question so personal this close into the relationship? ;) heheheheheeee oh I'm in a crazy mood. Apologies.

    But, Does anyone in your daily life know about this blog? :)


  4. A question... I don't think I have ever commented on this blog before. Comment Virgin haha ;)

    Hmmm... Do you fancy swapping places with me in the UK? :P

  5. QUESTION: are you a morning person, or a night person??

  6. oo h hmmm question
    if u could go newhere in the world where would u go?