Friday, October 8, 2010

Let Me Be Free!

After being a good girl and locking myself away from alcohol, drugs and general fun times for 5 months, im starting to tire of it. I want to run away for a week and just party. I want a life where i actually do things, instead of limiting myself all the time. I can see my self finishing treatment and completely destroying my newly healthy liver a week after. Why must i have this self destructive streak? I need to let loose like nothing in the world matters and forget everything. Escape.

Foodstuffs for today = Fail. FUCK! I hate my stupid fat greedy self.

Here is some pics of Summer Glau who starred in the only sci-fi series/film i will ever truly love - Firefly/Serenity.


  1. o pleaase dont go back to alcohol and druge u dont wanna fuck up ur liver more

  2. Look after yourself, gorgeous. I would never want something bad to happen to you!

  3. every little monster needs to be bad once in a while...besides it's october! its the baddest monster month there is! just be safe sweetie!