Monday, October 4, 2010

Low Cal Jelly...

how can something taste so good without doing much damage? I feel that i should make a shrine to your gelatinous goodness.
So it is 5:30pm and i have consumed approx 400 cal. I am going to have an egg and the rest of my jelly for dinner, and a coffee if i need it, which takes me to 550 cal at max. Im so drained of energy atm its not funny. But then i am incredibly ill and feverish and my insides are melting. Oh and sleep is being the biggest bitch ever. I was up at 4am this moring plucking my leg hairs with a tweezer. Possibly the coolest hobby ever right?
But in very good news, my friend came over the other day and ate pretty much everything for me :) i was in complete mothering, feed everything mode. i stuffed 2 servings of lasagne, 3 servings of satay chicken and rice, an egg, half a packet of cheese, rice crackers and tim tams into him before he left. Stupid boy can eat anything and still weigh less than me.
Now my grandma will come home to an empty fridge and think i ate everything... fooled her :)
Oh and in response to comments on my last post... yeh the girl swimmers are massive, but the guy swimmers bodies are to die for! I used to be a swimmer and have the goddamn body for it too, minus the big feet (my feet are tiny).
To the girls that used to do gymnastics - i used to be so jealous of you. i tried gymastics once and realised that it was for skinny girls with flexibility and good balance. i never went back. and yeh boobs arent really a prized possession in the gymnast scene.
Stay strong my lovelies. xoxo


  1. god i miss gymnastics i wish i could still do it
    good job on tricking ur grandmother
    bcareufl being sick though

  2. I plucked off all my leg hairs with tweezers once. Both legs - completely hairless from the knees down. It took 6 hours. I might add that to my Insomniac Project. I'll credit you for the idea! :D

    Hope you feel better! Make sure you get your rest and drink lots of fluids and all that jazz.

  3. I'm sick too yay we are sick together! lol plucking legs hairs?! ouchhers! I have the urge to pull out my hairs on my head but luckily i dont do it as much anymore. I was never a good gymnast, i used to be a cheerleader and part time gymnast but i was never very good at flips..proably cause my tits are so big they throw me off balance.