Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Men In Suits Make Me Go Mmmmm

Turns out my ex is actually a good guy. He just wants to be friends. Which is fine with me.
I still find him incredibly hot though. He came fresh from work in his suit. In case you dont know, men in suits make me jizz. And i love the conversations i have with him. But a 12 year age difference just isnt going to work.
Anyway i have a date with someone new tomorrow... so we will see.
Ate well until i saw him and he insisted we get fish and chips for dinner. But for the whole day im pretty sure my cals were about 1000. So not too bad.
Going up to babysit the pets at my parents place tomorrow and thurday night. I plan to download as many songs as i can because i have nearly used up all my internet here for this month.
Hope all you beautifuls are having great days. Xo


  1. Men in suits are quite nice.

    Hope you have an awesome time on your date!!

  2. hell yes..men in suits are hot... or men in nothing...but i'll settle for suits. lol
    12 yrs is a hard difference, although my bestie IRL dated an amazing guy who was 15yrs older than her for over a year and they were happy, even when they broke up. (she had to move away )
    Mmm fish and chips..lucky
    good luck on your date!

  3. HAHAHA 'Jizz'.

    Hope you're feeling wonderful, lovely girl.


  4. thnx for the comment <3

    and yes, there is definitely something dirty about men in suits.