Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Babies

So i was going to put up before and now pics but my camera battery just went flat so the now pics are non existent. Instead i will show u guys my babies... This is Lamby, my goat, when she was a baby. I had to feed her a bottle 4 times a day and she loved to jump onto the window sill. We had to send her to a farm coz the garden wasnt big enough.This is smudge. We got him when i was in the worst stage of my ED. He always looks good and walks around like his shit dont stink, so i call him metro or gay cat.
Smudge loves food and dribbles when he purrs.
I have another kitty called Charm but she doesnt like having her photo taken. We got Charm from a shelter because her owner had commited suicide. I dont know if that has anything to do with it but she is a bit screwed up in the head. She is scared of almost everything (especially shoes), and to hold her you have to let her come to you.


  1. aww what cute little babies! i totally want a goat!!

  2. Aww cute. Thanks for sharing!

  3. those animals are the cutest! your cat is especially handsome xx

  4. Ohmylord, they are so adorable! :]
    Stay safe xx

  5. that so sad about charm... well I know charm will get good lovin with you :)
    BTW your goat is probably the most rad fucking pet! It's adorable!

  6. So jealous that you had a baby goat... and that cat is gorgeous. ♡