Thursday, October 14, 2010

Naughty Naughty

Last night i may or may not have... eaten greasy fish and chips, drank alcohol and smoked while still on treatment to save my liver, had sex twice (or so remembered), wore a tiny dress and danced like i was a stripper. Oooppsie!
I know i am going to pay for it in a few days when im 5kg heavier but it was fun! i havnt had actual fun in soo long. Seriously girls you should have seen us! we actually went up to a street busker and played his tambournine while making passers by dance. This is a pic i took of the event >>>>>>>
My friends are the losers in the construction tape. Mr Busker earnt more money in 5 mins with us there than he would have in 2 hours.
Anyway im awful tired now so im going to have a nap. Love love. xo


  1. Sounds like an awesome night. You need one of those wild nights out every now and then. :D


  2. sounds like a classic night :P glad you had fun x

  3. I agree with Mich it sounds fkn bad ass. I miss having fun.. like crazy fun. good for you babe!

  4. ah yes, the fat free fruche XD K&K is awesome.

    you said something in this post about treatment for saving your liver? o.O

    I'm sorry, but i'm naturally inquisitive.