Monday, October 18, 2010

The Phone Rings...

I just got a call from my ex. i havnt seen him in a year. he wants to meet up tomorrow. im scared. as far as i know he has a girlfriend at the moment. i hope he doesnt want sex. im not sure i even want to see him. i have only just got over him. he broke my heart. but as far as i know he is a good guy. if he tries to make a move tomorrow i guess i will know.
i had beef stir fry for dinner... purged... i cant keep anything down at the moment. i bought laxitives today. i had 5 after dinner but nothing has happened yet. i havnt used them before so im not sure what to expect but i thought something would have happened by now.
Got a new hair cut the other day. im regretting it. its to short and doeant sit properly. bleh.
Hope everyone is going good. Xo


  1. dependignon the laxs u take it coudl b 6-12 hours b4 nething happens
    and if ur not over the guy then y meet him

  2. i know it seems nice to catch up with the ex but if you've just gotten over him maybe it's not the best idea? especially alone...maybe bring some friends or something? he could get under your skin again and stir all those old emotions. but i trust you know what you're doing :)

  3. <3 Take to the hair with a straightener, it'll do whatever you want. Ha.


  4. Maybe it's a bad idea to meet up with your ex. Don't get any more hurt than what is necessary. Maybe you're better of forgetting him.

    Hair grows. That's all the advice I can give. In a few weeks you'll be feeling better about it.