Friday, October 29, 2010

Precious H2O

This is a true story about how a few bad descisions can lead to this....

So this happened all just a few hours ago. My first mistake went a little like this...

So i was grabbing a lift for my grandma up to the shops so i could purchase some nori seaweed stuff that you make sushi out of.

My grandma parked at the RSL coz she is cool and gambles her monies on the pokies and bingo. I walked to the shops from there. On my way i realised i was particularly thirsty. But that was ok coz i could buy a bottle of water if i needed it. so i continued to the shops, picked out my items and went to the checkout....
Realising my money was at home, it occured to me that catching the bus would not be an option. Now you may think the 4kms back home wouldnt be too bad. coz really its not that far. the problem was i was thirsty... but not just normal thirsty... you see my liver is broken and the medicine that i take to fix it makes me super thirsty... it also makes my skin dry, thins my hair, gives the feeling of sickies and tiredness. (for full acount of how to break a liver see diagram below)anyways on top of being sssoooooo thirsty i also had no energy on account of the amount of food i had eaten... that being zero. So instead of a nice walk home which in reality would have looked like this....I felt like a half dead girl struggling through a desset. as seen in the first pic.

Anyhoo i hope you girlies are having a somewhat better day than me :)


  1. New follower here. LOVE your comics. Such talent! Hope you were eventually able to get something to quench your thirst!

  2. haha the comics :) were u inspired by that girl...don't know what her name is...but she does the most hilarious comics! the latest one was about her and a cake :P

  3. I loved this post! Sorry you had a bad day, though. :/
    Yeah I stop following ppl too if they haven't posted in 2 months or more. And I hope they just recovered or got sick of blogging...

  4. Lolz, thee comics rock (:
    Im sorry for your bad day, but in the end are you ok? Did you make it home fine?