Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Truth...

I just ate 4 peices of pizza! I hate my sister for ordering it but i hate myself more for eating it.
I had just busted my ass at the gym. i rode approx 5kms and did 5km on the treadmill and did weights too. deciding to do an extra 5 mins on the bike was my downfall. it made me miss my bus home to the healthy sushi i had prepared for my dinner. so i decided to kill time visiting my sister, who thought offering me pizza would be a nice thing to do. Me being completely ravenous and energy drained gobbled it up. aaahhh! if that wasnt enough, i of course got the undeniable feeling to purge. i am so sure my sister heard me. i swear if she says anything to my parents i will murder her.
The only positive i can get from this situation is even if i do put on weight is that ill be toned underneath all the fat.
Oh but in good news my pants are falling down... do you know why?... coz they are too big :)
Love for you all. xoxo


  1. haha but woohoo about the baggy pants!!
    dw i'm sure you burned more than the pizza you consumed with all the work at the gym so you probs won't gain. try and think of that be4 freaking out and purging! i know it must be so hard but you've got to try!
    stay strong xx

  2. Haha, I like how you got positive there at the end. But it IS true that you'll be toned. And the calories you burnt probably even out with the inatke.
    I LOVE that your pants are falling down. You're such a star!

  3. :P yysss for pants falling down~ x
    sounds like you went hard at the gym, you'll be sweet as love!

  4. yay for the pantsfalling down
    and u burned alot at the gym so u shoudlnt freak out tomuch

  5. yay to baggy pants.
    omg pizza is so evil its so hard to resist.

  6. Yay for pants falling down!
    And after all that hard work? That pizza will slide right off too.

  7. "Pant on the ground, pants on the ground!" Lol yay that must be a grand feeling!!
    It's okay just learn from your mistakes :)