Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Well Hi There!

Welcome new followers :)
I now have 35 of you lovely people.
Im sick again but thats no big news lol. i tried to go to the gym yesterday but after i spent 15 mins on the treadmill i thought i was dying so i went home. I walked for 20 mins in the rain to get there. Today i am having a day at home, trying to rest up so i can work out again soon. So far i have eaten a low cal yoghurt (70), a homemade sushi roll (162) and a coffee (34). So all up 266 cals and it is 4:30pm. Just have to make sure i dont binge tonight.
I have a funny way of eating my yoghurt i realised today. I put my spoon in so it is just coated and then lick it. ive worked out for each lick im having approx 1 cal. It takes me about 30mins to eat a tub of yoghurt that way.
It is a disgustingly rainy day in the East of Melbourne today. I wish the good weather could have gone on forever. I hope some of you other girlies are having fun in the sun. Xoxo


  1. congrats on the new followers cutie! :)
    fingers crossed you stay binge-free because that is one awesome intake right there >.<
    i loved living in melbourne, i wanna go back :(


  2. if you get hungry just have a big bottle of water or a cup of ice first...i know how devastating it is to have a good day then ruin it at night with a binge. stay strong!! x

  3. i hope u dont binge ur having a great day :)
    and feel better soon

  4. Nice cal intake darlingggg! Haha, it's good to take it slow eating something :) Good work today! Keeep it up ;D

  5. Hope you feel better, hun!! Everyone in my house is getting sick now I suppose it's that time of year... :/
    I love eating things slowly--I feel like you appreciate it more.

  6. Feel better dear, and take care of yourself.
    I'm glad I rarely get sick,
    thin wishes babe!
    xoxox thanks btw for the love and support