Friday, October 1, 2010

Wouldn't Death Be Easier?

Im melting! MELTING!!!!! im sick. my glands are swolen and i have a fever. i went to the doctor and reeled off a list of complaints to him and told him to fix me. yay more pills!
So now everyday i have to take...
1 x the pill (to prevent the babies)
3x antidepressants (to make brain function and prevent the sads)
6x ribavirin (to help the injection work and save my liver)
1x interferon injection per week (as stated above)
3x antibiotic (so my head doesnt explode with infection)
1x somac (to make the tummy less rumbly... and acidicly hurty)
2x mylanta (for when the tummy is extremely sore)
and if that isnt enough i can also take some preventative measures such as...
vitamin C (to prevent the infections... you goddamn dont work!!! i took you all last week)
fish oil tablet (helps the joints and brain work better)
calcium tablet (for zee lovely bones)

eh thats enough for now... i probs need a multivitamin but CBF!
needless to say my body is screwed and im not a happy chappy.
oh yeh today i binged so on top of everything else im fat :(


  1. Wow. Hope you get better, babe. You need to make sure you're looking after yourself!

  2. wow hun get better soon
    and i take fish oil for my heart

  3. oh i hope you feel better soon! i know how you feel about meds! they suck i take 17 med a day on top of all my vitamins!

  4. Aweee :(, feel better soon!

  5. Jeeezy goddamn Cheeezy! aren't you a little pharmacist lmao. feel better now.. fuck getting better soon