Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Astrology and EDs?

First of all im sorry for the depressing post last night. Although i will admit im still not feeling the best doesnt mean i should stop posting or just post tales of woe. Thankyou for all the lovely comments, especially Bella for giving your number to me. I probably wouldnt call you coz i am extremely shy but that meant the world to me.

Now ive been noticing a trend in the blogs ive been reading lately... everyone (not really everyone but more people than usual) is having birthdays this month. Go all you sexy scorpios. I am preparing for a lot of people to think im crazier than usual right now coz... i may have a small belief in astrology. and im not saying everyone that is born in the same month is exactly the same because they arent, but for those who dont know every person will have a different astrological natal chart even if they are born on the same day.

Anyways ive read my natal chart for years and always thought that the influence of scorpio/pluto may have had something to do with my eating disorder. I do have a pluto sun conjuction, which is said to intensify certain aspects of personality depending on the sign it is in. mine is in scorpio which i find intensifies my selfdestructive streak.

If anyone is interested in this please talk to me. i would love to have a good convo about it.

Here are some links that might help people understand or learn more. <<<< this gives you a pretty simple natal chart. <<< more in depth chart and interpretation.


  1. o hmm ima have to look in that i love signs and shit
    im a capricorn born in january but i was orignally suppose to b born in april so hmm

  2. Hmmmm.....Yeah I don't understand any of that lol, well I'm a virgo ^^ anything you can tell me about that and the "self-destructive" steak? I feel as if mines going to be pretty long :/
    Sorry you're not having the best of times :(

  3. I've just done mine and it's quite interesting... Seems fairly accurate.