Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bananas Are Evil

Going on a ride in the dark. It was so hot today that i thought id wait til it was cooler. Ive decided that im going to stretch everyday. i like stretching. i dont know why i just do.
so today ive done sit ups, push ups, squats, lunges, strectches, 1/2 hour walk in the sun and now finishing with and hour or so ride in the dark.
There is banana sitting literally right in front of me. i thought i wanted to eat it, then i changed my mind... now i just dont know what to do with the damn thing. It is taunting me! eat me it says... eat me! i am high in potassium, which is a vitamin your body is possibly craving. i am tasty and filling but i contain 100 cals making it impossibly hard for you to decide to eat me.
Ive already had approx 900cals today, but net cals would be much less... goddamn you hunger!
Maybe the banana should be a reward for completing the bike ride... but then i shouldnt reward exercising with food coz that just undoes everything... aaaahhhh!
So girls how are you? Has any evil foods been taunting you today? I hope not. Xo


  1. i was sat in the library yesterday and this girl opposite me was eating a banana. i hate the things!! they smell disgusting!! it literally made me feel sick!!

  2. avoid that banana! it's not unhealthy but you'll feel so strong if you can leave it alone. i used to stretch every day so my muscles wouldn't get too chunky haha...not sure it would have worked completely anyway! but it's definitely a healthy thing to do.
    stay strong xx

  3. I think you should it eat,you need the potassium. You worked out a lot =)
    Yesterday rice cakes were "calling" me...i ended up binging, i´m the worst.
    Take care sweetie

  4. i work at a cafe..so pretty much everything taunts me there. atleast i can smell it all haha.

  5. love banans i dont eat entough though i only buy them when my legs strat to hurt to bad
    good job on the exercise though

  6. Potassium IS quite important. When your potassium is messed up, you don't retain water correctly. Like...you could drink 10 glasses and not be hydrated because your body didn't hold on to any of it. I know this from lots of experience.lolz

    There are home made meatballs in the fridge, and i absolutely am hungry and want them. They are delicious! I hate taunting food!lol

  7. My gran used to mash her bananas up with butter and eat it with a spoon. To this day, I cannot look at a banana without gagging a little. ;)
    You did great today with the exercise! I feel like a bum, I was stuck running errands all day.


  8. Potassium/salt/water balance are all so important so it's maybe actually a good idea to have an unplanned banana on occasion. Plus, they're tasty.

    On the downside, 100 calories for that tiny bit of food?! Pshtff.

    -is clearly very helpful- xD

    Much love <3