Saturday, November 27, 2010

By Request... Le Cartoon

PatienceElizabeth - the tea party is an event where all us bloggers get together in a chat room while drinking tea. there has been two so far (both of which i have been late for). For all info clicky on this link. It is my assumption that K will be arranging the next one and will post when it is. Hopefully soon :)
Annie - Hahaha did you see me talking to myself on there?

Well kids seeing as you wanted it. And you know i cant say no to such beautiful people, here is a new cartoon. I entitle this... "The Difference between Mirander Kerr and Me."
And to make thing better that is her when she is pregnant :P
Oh yeh and its question time again! Ask me anything you want. Want to know how many people have i slept with? its ok you can ask me! want a solution for that rash down there, You can ask me!... whether i reply to that one is a different story. Xo


  1. Thanks for thee link (:
    -and i live in southern indiana, so thee eastland mall is nowhere near yours.haha

  2. well i have this rash.....
    haha just kidding :)
    which actress would you turn gay for?
    if you could have 5 people to dinner (alive or dead) who would they be?
    p.s. i hate that a pregnant miranda kerr is still skinnier than normal me, let alone bloated me!

  3. Lol I love your cartoons! =) The tea party sounds awesome. I can't think of any questions - no wait, give me a moment - oh, I forgot it. Damn.
    *Sits in silence trying to remember question for a good 3 minutes*
    Oh well. Hope you're ok lol, I'll remember that question someday. :p x

  4. I can't think of a question but I love the cartoon, great things about cartoons is they aren't realistic so we all KNOW you aren't that fat Chick :P
    take care xxx