Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear My Beautiful Commenters...

LOVE YEWWWWW!!!!! *big sloppy kisses*
MadelinaCooke - Omg yes! at least 5kg by Chrissy. We can do it gorgeous!
morbid.diathesis - Above and beyond are my absolute fave artist at the moment. their music is just great for chilling or reminiscing. always just makes me sit there and think and be calm. If you are into alternative Birds Of Tokyo are good or for creepy psycho music try out Velvet Acid Christ.
So i just got back from the shops where i bought tofu for the first time ever. On finding it was only 46 cals a serve and under $2 i couldnt resist. Im going to try it for din dins tonight. thought i would do it satay with some veggies. What do you think? Any other suggestions?


  1. tofu is can do pretty much anything with it! I like it stir fried, in salads, in wraps or scrambled.

  2. Yummyyy! I'm jealous, I want tofu now. :(

    love you :)

  3. o me and tofu dont like each other
    yay for the veggies thoguh

  4. Tofu! Nomnomnom ^^ Be careful with it though, it sometimes goes icky and rubbery and shit so aye XD

    Much love <3

  5. tofu or rice noodles! nom nom miss you sweetie! xxoxoxox

  6. I will check those bands out for sure!

    Tofu is super food! I love it! One caution...make sure you squeeze out as much water as possible. Otherwise it will be a bit sloppy. The BEST way to do it is to freeze it overnight and then let it thaw out the next day in the fridge...then squeeze...then marinade in a yummy low cal sauce. Num num...sounds great!

  7. You must post your recipes if you make something yummy with the tofu! <3

  8. i love birds of tokyo!
    and tofu :)
    and you xx