Tuesday, November 30, 2010

J'adore Cooking Sushi

Well i love cooking in general but i feel so good making sushi coz its pretty good for me too. For example one of these rolls would be 200 cals. Which is so much better than buying them out as those ones have double the cals.
Anyways i made these babies... they look way to good to eat though.

In other news... my hair is falling out :( not coz of malnutrition coz of dirty liver treatment. Also my skin has gone to shit. Its all dry, especially on my face. It looks like i have herpes. I finish treatment in 2 days though so it should get better in the next few weeks. I possibly wont be posting much this coming weekend as i am super busy being social and fun for once. My friends and i have tickets for Stereosonic music festival where we will go and dance and just generally be stupid. I was going to have a few drinks there seeing now after 8 months i am allowed to. But nooo because i am poor. I just forked our $200 for Sydney Mardi Gras next year. So goodbye savings. Theres so many things i need to buy right now and i just cant. Its a bit sad.

Anyhoo what is the next purchase on your shopping lists girls? Can you afford it? Do you really need it?

Stay Safe Xo


  1. Ooh they look really yummy! I'd really like a polaroid camera (no hope there) and doc martens "goldilocks" but I can't afford/find them either :(
    what is Mardi Gras?

  2. Ooo ooo I wanna learn to make sushi! I got to try some once and it was sooooooo yum! Just gotta figure out where inmy area I can get the ingredients!

    That looks yummy!

  3. What do you put in your sushi? It looks yummy :) My favourite is just cucumber and carrot sticks, nice and refreshing.

    On my shopping list is presents for my brother's and my best friend's birthdays next week. I can't really afford anything exciting so I'm hopefully going to make them something cool :)

    Have fun socializing! xx

  4. they look yum! do you have those rolly mat things?
    i've got about $900 saved up and i want to blow it on clothes so badly but have to save for my thailand trip in january. so i really shouldn't have a shopping list right now haha

  5. o those look yummy i hate sushi though
    the next thing ima buy is the eclipse dvd and yes i can afford it
    stay strong

  6. Wow, those look absolutely delicious. Nice job at making my mouth water after a day of fasting. Mmm.