Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Last Few Days

Ok so i really dont know where to start... i have sooo much to tell you lovely people. First of all i am so pumped for the tea party :) i will be doing a liquid fast at the time so sipping on some oolong will be ok. i doubt any of you girls will be bringing nibblies anyway :P

Probably the best thing to to would be to start on last Tuesday which i was pumped for and then turned into somewhat of a fiasco... So ive recently made a new friend who is nuts about biking (like mountain and road bikes) and we decided to go on nice ride around my area. Knowing this social activity would be burning calories i agreed. He told me would be riding 15kms which i thought would be ok if i took it easy. Because of my liver treatment i cant do too much exercise else i get really sick. We later worked out we had gone 22kms when this happened...

Can anyone say embarrasing? anyway me being stupid and not wanting to look weak kept going after this. didnt get far before we had to stop and i had to sit down before i fainted. We had to call a cab to take us home. Then because i couldnt keep anything down, inculding water, and i was muchly dehydrated. He got me gastrolyte and saladas.

After i was feeling better i remembered my tofu which was marinating in the fridge. I thought i had got all the liquid out but when i cooked it, it went all sloppy :( i tried to eat some anyway and came to the realisation that satay marinade isnt as tasty as i thought it would be. so i threw it out.

By then it was about midnight and i was wrecked. but my mind was all "yay lets not sleep!" so i didnt go to bed until 3am. Where i found THE MOTH! ...

It didnt die for an hour!
The next day contained the dreaded banoffee pie and mexican food for dinner. Its times like this where i think friends are bad for me.

Thursday was my actual birthday, which began with my aunt taking me to a chocolate shop/ cafe for lunch. I just had a salad sandwich and gave the chocolate to my brothers later. they were a million time happier with it than me. I thought that hurdle was over... NO... 10 minutes later i unwrapped a massive box of chocolates from my sister and candy accompanied grandma's birthday money. i got a hairdryer that i wanted from my parents and my brothers gave me an itunes voucher... i was so thankful for those non food gifts.

Birthday dinner was a bbq which was ok coz i just had a little bit of steak and a heap of salad. The cheesecake (speacially made by mother dearest) was the desert and my birthday cake which i had to have some of. Ironically while i was eating this my personal trainer rang reminding me i had a session today.

So therefore today i went to the gym. how he forgot the session during the night i dont know. but he turned up late and we didnt end up doing it anyway. I just did my own workout and now i feel like i havnt done anything at all for some reason. Eh

I think that is it, i will make a new post if anything else pops up. Much love Xo


  1. Hahaha your pictures are a riot! I love them! LMAO Sorry you got sick on your bike ride, but yay for trying to do it anyways. It's kick ass that you have a social life. I can't go/do anything because everyone is a fat ass and there is food there. xoxox stay strong :)

  2. That moth is actually really really cute. Eek, the bike ride! You are too stubborn for your own good ;)
    Have a wonderful time the next few days love, do rest :)

  3. I've been spamming everybody about the tea party but I don't think I have to with youuu xD Which is good, because people will prolly be fed up with me, lmao.

    I love your pictures so much, they're insanely awesome xD

    And WELL DONE, sillybutt. Doing 22kms when you meant to do 15, considering... =P Hope you're feeling okay now, aye? =\

    Well done with the birthday stuff too! Like, without the sarcasm this time XD It could have turned into a bingefest but it didn't so yay =]

    Much much much love and hugs for you <3

  4. lol o god u and ur pics
    but im sorry that u got sick
    happy late bday by the way