Friday, November 5, 2010

Lonely Girl...

Staring at the top sheet
Listening to my heart beat
Wondering how to say it
Playing over one track
Wanting you to come back
Want to have you here
Lying on a cold sheet
Jump into my car seat
Drive down to the river
Nightlight its reflecting
Somehow I'm expecting
Your voice in my ear
Lying in the long grass
Watching as the clouds pass
Hands held in silence
Your arms right around me
Feeling glad you found me
Feeling like I'm home
Wish you would remember
April to September
Wanting to be near me
Waiting for the sunrise
Staring into my eyes
You and I alone

.... I miss him so very much right now... or maybe i just miss being in love... whatever it is something is missing...

Would it be incredibly mean to invite a boy over for cuddles but nothing else? i want company, but i dont want sex or a boyfriend. most of all i dont want any kisses. Im pretty sure he likes me, but i dont like him any more than a friend. it just feels mean to make him come to my house get a cuddle then ask him to leave.
Im in a needy mood today. i dont like it. need to be less dependant on others.
Cals for today... approx 1300. Too much.
Exercise - 1 hour walk. Not enough.


  1. Oh hun.. I'm sorry. I know that feelin though of just wanting the warmth and security. If he really likes you he might get pissed but if he's a good guy then he should understand.
    1300 is still under 2000 so hooray!
    stay beautiful babe! I've missed you!

  2. I don't think that's mean. You're not obligated to sleep with a guy just because he comes over and cuddles. ;) Some guys are douches and will try to convince you otherwise, but they're not worth your time.

    Hope you feel better, hun! You deserve a nice cuddle.

  3. u ciould always ask hium nuttin wrong him that just ask him to cover over spend some time together to cuddle
    stay strong hun

  4. it isnt mean if he really likes you he'll cherish spending anytime with you, also who wouldnt want to cuddle with you! =)

    i hope you arent to sad, and i know you can get past it! your too strong to let this hurt you

    lots of love S xoxo

  5. <3 Sometimes all you need is to touch another soul, to know you yourself exist.
    It's not selfish at all.
    Perhaps you don't even need touch, or comfort.
    Words, voice; sometimes these things can be just so magical, in the darkest of nights.x