Thursday, November 25, 2010

Omg Becky Look at Her Butt! It Is Soooo Big!

Its times like these i think i should have been born a decade earlier... Ive just downloaded the top 100 dance songs of the 90's. I was a child back then... i actually didnt even exist for a small part of those years.
Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-a-lot FTW! Lol i wish someone would "love my healthy butt." I wish i could love it actually.
I am feeling really good today :)
I woke up early and went to the hospital with my friend. I didnt ends up going to ikea, but i didnt mind. everything just felt great... to the point i was laughing and annoying my friend pretending to be a inflatable flailing armed tube man!
Ive eaten approx 1400 cals today and i dont even care that much! that is how good today is.
ahh ya ya coco jumbo! that is all. Xo


  1. Heh heh yea the 90s were fun music-wise. Not that I remember them or anything.... *covers wrinkles*
    Good to see you having a good day :)

  2. Haha the 90's had some good music... Not that I remember it or anything lol.

  3. love 90's music!!!! sooo much fun!! Going to a 21st on sat night, and the girl has organised all of her playlist to be pretty much 90's stuff!! Grade six disco style!! haha!!

    Sounds like the best day!!! :)xx

  4. I'm glad you've had a good day :) x

  5. Nineties music rocks! and i WAS there...for all of it...and the 80s too! :-)

  6. haha loving the good vibes from this post hun - keep smiling