Friday, November 19, 2010

Only Slightly Hyperly Crazy :P

Yo Yo Yo! Mah Skinny Bitches!
Ahhh food is bad even when you dont eat it! I have a itchy rash on my wrist from cutting up chicken. I didnt even eat the damn stuff. Just did the completely normal thing of weighing it out into 100 gram portions then freezing it for later. Do any of you guys weigh your food? sometimes i just get the desire to weigh everything.
So i started a fast at 7pm tonight just for funsies. im not puting a limit on it im just gonna see how far i can go, then beat that on the next fast and so on and so forth. So according to my calculations i have gone 6 hours and 37 mins without food. Obviously im not very far in.
I can not wait til i move out. Ive started looking for houses with my friends and ive already been thinking about grocery shopping (think best value and how long can i make it last and get all zee vitamins with the smallest amount of eating). Seriously my mind doesnt stray far does it... food food food.
I have to get back into the gym routine! ive been noticing a pattern... i go full force at it for 2 weeks, then i just give up and lock myself inside for 2 weeks and then i get guilty and the cycle starts again.
Ima feeling a bit better since taking my pills again. Why cant my brain just work properly by itself.
Ooooh... Good news kiddies! Just took my 2nd last injection, which means i will be feeling fitter and healthier in a month if not less time :) then after that i am free to ruin my new liver!!! which of course i am going to try not to do. despite being a fool i have learnt somewhat of a lesson from this experience... it sucks. So drugs and drinks are only for special occasions eg. festivals or birthdays.
P.S going to Sydney for Mardi Gras next year! Sooo excited! Ima be the coolest fag hag there! and my little gay boy will have so much fun. just thinking about my baby shaking his thang for the boys... awww
Yeh you may be able to tell that im in a wierd hyper mood. Possibly a good thing, possibly a bad thing if i crash. Anyhooo i was thinking of making a new email/msn address so that i could chat to all you beauties when im lonesome. If you like this idea let me know and ill do it :)
Stay strong and lots of love. Xo

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  1. please dont ruin ur new liver that wont b good
    good luck on ur fast