Sunday, November 28, 2010


First off...
Which actress would i turn gay for... now this is hard... probably Summer Glau. She is hot!
And if could have 5 people to dinner (dead or alive) i would have... Nostradamus, Moses, Freud, a translator (because non of those people speak english) and Jensen Ackles (to stay back and help "clean up"). Yep pretty much the best selection of dinner guests ever!
Today i had my STAT ("try and get into uni test" for those who dont know). i think i did alright because i answered all the questions but i wont truly know until i get the results and then hopefully a place. The girl who sat in front of me could have been a model she was so thin... all i could think before i started my test was... "how do all her organs fit in that tiny body?"
Appart from that i was also thinking about how best to get away from the girl behind me, who although i couldnt see, i could hear sniffling and sneezing at me. I could just feel the germs on my back. Eeewww!
Well id love to stay and chat but i didnt sleep last night and bed is calling me. Take care. Xo


  1. I hope you did good on your STAT!
    And i wonder thee same thing about my friend. She is so small i dont get how all her insides

    And ewwww, hope you disinfect your clothes and self. I hate germy

    Sleep well!

  2. im sure that u did great on ur test wish u allt he luck
    get some sleep love

  3. Hope you did great on your test.
    I love your choice of dinner guests.
    Eww I hate people who inflict their germs on people.

  4. Oooh. A stat? I didn't have to do one of those. Sounds cool though.

  5. good luck for your STAT results x

  6. I like your dinner guest selection. I hope I'm invited. ;)

    Good luck with stat!

    I have done the same with gingerbread houses. Now I just try not to be such a perfectionist, because my building skills are pretty much non-existent.


  7. Summer Glau! I loved her in dollhouse and firefly she's gorgeous def worth turning gay for! ha