Tuesday, November 16, 2010


You know you are fucked up when joy comes from vomiting. New binge food = baked beans. Wierd i know but they work! going on another bike ride soon. making the route a tad shorter than last time to prevent the almost death of previous occasions. See older posts.
I hope everyones day is going as good as mine... but in less gross ways :P


  1. Haha. Mine is well. :) Not as gross.

  2. Remeber just to keep focused on what you want!! oh i luv icecream as my binge food =)

    Also I'm new to blogger and looking for supporters. My blog is bright, fun and POSITIVE if your interested =)

  3. You're a crazy girl, and I absolutely love you for it. Do be careful on your bikeride, but have fun :)

  4. Haha I did enjoy my day of being mostly lazy.
    Also... I am following you but anon cuz I'm amused at you having 69 followers (according to my blog manager page)

    Yes, I need a life :)

  5. u r nuts u crazy girl
    have a good bikeride b safe

  6. hahaha funny picture!
    have a good bike ride

  7. lol loving your blog..purgetastic! baked beans were a fave of mine (melt some cheese ontop, gold!) and now all i can think of 50 spoons of milo in a cup with a splash of milk.. only thing i can get my hands on to binge with- (read my blog and you'll know why) haha
    feelin your pain, hope you're ok x

  8. PS just noticed ur a melbourne girl, im from Torquay haha, meet up for a binge sesh?? haha terrible joke

  9. This is my first time commenting on here :)
    Hmmm... I guess I can see that the baked beans would work. Anyway I love the picture in a slightly twisted kind of way! :) Hope you're ok,
    Night_Flower x